Now that the American summer has finished the Ubuntu touch is a mobile phone consumers will have to keep an eye out for. It’s been talked about for almost a year now and inevitably the release date is looming overhead. After some fairly ambitious attempts at getting a high end smart phone off the ground with thanks to the very generous people on kick starter, Ubuntu has been somewhat busy elsewhere in the last few months trying to shape up the Ubuntu Edge device. It seems that project was a little too ambitious, however, like many were predicting including ourselves.

Don’t mistake that for the do all and be all with Ubuntu for now, though, because that would be a big mistake. There open source nature could become very popular in time as long as the mobile ticks a few boxes first. If it manages to mirror Android at all it could really take off. That might seem outrageous for now, but you have to remember they are both based off of the same Linux kernel in essence.

It seems Ubuntu is fairly into the rounded design which has always been the look this device has been given right from the get go. Whether you like it or hate it, it doesn’t seem to be changing. It is a stark contrast to the of the Ubuntu Edge which was quite squarish and had very unique looking edges, hence the name. In terms of other specs and things there isn’t much to go on as of yet, but we will be sure to keep you posted when we know more. What we do know, however, is a walk through video, thanks to the team which you can check out below: