We just finished reporting on the Galaxy Note 12.2 and now it’s time to take a look at the Note 3 which is the device that was originally set to take the stage on September 4 all by itself. These leaks come from tech kiddy who managed to get his hands on 3 pictures. There’s one fairly decent sized image, however, it is taken from up close and it doesn’t give us a fantastic view. The other two do manage to show off the body nicely, but they are very small.

None-the-less, when it comes to leaks any ones are good ones and we’ll gladly show them off. If you plan on watching the vent, hopefully these photos still keep you guessing a little bit compared to the last ones so it won’t spoil the show too much. If you look closely the middle image looks a fair bit glossier than the ones on the side. Judging by that it will be very Glossy black and the other two images are more of a camera issue rather than showing the Note’s real texture.

Although a lot smaller than the 12.2 dimension Note, the 3 does look to have a similar look and feel to it from what we can see here. What do you think of the design? Will you be buying one?

Source: techkiddy