Thanks to website Move Player, we now have the first ever picture taken of the Galaxy Note 12.2 which almost looks more like a Samsung flat screen TV rather than a tablet.

This image leak has popped up ahead of the September 4th launch date which was presumed for the Galaxy Note 3. However, now after this leak has come out it is now expected to also be the reveal date of the Note 12.2 which is something Note fans can be happy about.

Two for one deal days were something that originally began with Apple, and as we know, competitors like to compete from all aspects. It seems the rest of the world is now beginning to follow the trend. Having said that, things should swing back in Apple’s favor before too long when they reveal their next generation of iPhone which are much anticipated around the globe.

It’s only the one image which has currently been released which was taken a moment after the unboxing apparently. The angle shows us the front of what will be the next generation tablet. From what we can see, the design looks nice and sleek, but from this angle, it’s not uncommon to be able to say that. For a tablet of that magnitude, it almost looks like a smart TV. What do you think about its looks?