Big news broke the other day when an important figure in Google left the Mountain View company to head overseas to China based, Xiaom. The news was huge and the conspiracy theorists were busy reporting everything under the sun about why this happened. Regardless of the reasons you believe, the truth is that Xiaom is a company growing quickly that just might merit somebody of Hugo Barret’s caliber heading there without it being such a shock.

In less than a year the MIUI app store which is owned by none other than Xiaomi has reached one billion downloads. On top of that it’s current device, the “Red Rice” is one of the most talked about mobiles on the scene — and not just because it’s red in color.

The Red Rice is particularly intriguing because of its stunning price tag which Xiaomi have managed to offer shoppers which is reported to be $130. That is not set in stone, however, because the device is yet to be revealed officially. Put it all together and you start to realize this is a name that could well be on the up and becoming a household name in the technology sector real soon.

Xiaomi are expected to reveal the Red Rice mobile on the 5th of September which is the date they have set aside for a special event.