Last week we saw Google roll out the JSS15Q update which was meant to bring a bunch of bug fixes along with it. One of the biggest fixes, it was meant to take care of was the touchscreen issue which was found in the Google nexus 7. However, after many people with the issue updating, it seems the problem has not been fully rectified. If you are one of the unlucky ones in this situation you can expect Google to roll out another update in the coming weeks should they come up with a timely solution..

Some of the warning signs include ghost taps, double taps which wouldn’t work as well as obscure behavior in general.

With the problem still largely an issue, many believe the problem lies within the calibration of the Nexus 7 and not where they had originally thought. Whatever it urns out to be, it isn’t necessarily panic stations just yet for owners of the device which had gained many positive reviews up until now.

Having said that, if this new idea on the matter were to prove true, there is a chance that the problem could not be rectified via a simple software update. That doesn’t mean that the device is going to be a complete write-off, however, as there will probably be some sort of a warranty still in place which will sort it out after a bit of milling around.

This update was for the 2013 version of the Nexus 7 tablets.

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