One might assume that these two are the same company, however, that would be a mistake. As so often is the case in business things can become quite a bit more complex than the name on the cover suggests. That idealism reigns supreme inside of the Verizon company whereby Vodafone currently has a 45% stake in the communications side of Verizon.

That will all come to an end soon if the Verizon Wireless has anything to say about it. If all goes well this Sunday when the boards meet to talk about a possible buy back situation where the wireless side would get back the 45% stake it once lost from Verizon communications.

From all reports, the deal most likely will go through with any possible ulterior motives at hand. The main one being if it does go through Verizon will buy stakes in the Vodafone America brand name instead. Vodafone America is currently the US holding company of the main United Kingdom branch.

If the business venture does go through it will hold some historical significance with reports of it being the third largest acquisition in corporate history. It will also make Verizon the undivided leading mobile carrier company in the United States.

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