Whenever you see a device you can almost always bet your bottom dollar you will see some competition for it in the coming months. Although the Oppo N1 is yet to be given any direct comparisons, it is being called the next camera-centric Smartphone which can only mean one thing: It’s a Windows Phone competitor.

Collectively, we all haven’t seen much of the Oppo N1 at all as of yet, but that all changed today (sort of) with the release of this teaser trailer. Whilst it is good, it manages to stay true to the name teaser. The reason for that is because it doesn’t show the actual device at all.

One can only assume we will be seeing a few more teaser installments in the coming weeks, or possibly even days so stay tuned for more.

What we do now already is that it will be a top of the line device which leaves little doubt about its 1020 competition. Now to leave out its other main rivals, the trailer arguably pays tribute to some IOS 7 goodness also.

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