Today’s Apple event was very eventful—pardon the pun. Many were left a bit let down with the iPhone 5 features, but when asked the question what if you didn’t get exposed to any leaked images? Would you have been happier after that? Maybe now not so let down, but left to ponder and scratch heads instead.

There was nothing spectacular revealed today. Not from the iPhone 5 or the new iPod range that looks to have taken a leap out of Microsoft’s book with all the flashy new colour range kind of deal going on.

Jonathan Ive

The part that is probably most disappointing is that we have all been holding on to this afterthought since the iPhone 4s release that the next project, dubbed iPhone 5 is the last work of Steve Jobs and it promised to be something special. What exactly it is he was working on I am not sure. The larger screen, perhaps? Maybe the lighter design. Whatever it was, it didn’t manage to wow the audience anywhere the impact that Siri had on the world. Fans out there were hoping the iPhone 5 would produce something monumental to hang onto in the memory of Steve Jobs. A gadget to treasure forever, but it didn’t happen. Well, at least they didn’t make us wait very long to find that out. Even though that has come at a cost now too with people harking up about the fact that they are not yet ready to purchase another iPhone.

Although, now that the big event is over, reports are saying we can expect to see the new iPhone 5 available to be purchased anywhere between a week to 2 weeks from now with pre-orders being taken already in some parts of the world.

Nevertheless, what we learnt today is that innovation doesn’t have to come from new beginnings. Creating better software and hardware for existing features seems to be where things are heading. At least for now anyway, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Let’s just hope the next Apple innovation comes in the form of improving the Siri functionality. She can be a bit slow.

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