The Motorola CLIQ 2 is an excellent device that still uses a keyboard much like a blackberry. The one thing that many users are unhappy about is that for some reason it comes with a timeworn Gingerbread operating system. Gingerbread has been around for many years, starting at 2.0.

To put that into perspective, we are now at Jelly Bean 5.0 and soon to be Key Lime Pie 6.0. In saying that, although the Gingerbread operating system is ageing the age-old saying of “old but a good” does apply. It was a great operating system. Still, there’s little doubt many of you want a much newer operating system on your machine, and by rooting the Motorola CLIQ 2, you can make by using custom ROMS.

Please note before you begin: Rooting the Motorola CLIQ 2 will void your warranty, but you can also reverse the root by Unrooting the Motorola CLIQ 2, and your warranty will work again. This method will only work for Windows PC users. You must have at least 65% battery charge to complete this procedure. It will not use all of that battery. However, to make sure the system works, it is advised to have it.

This root process has been tested well by the original developers, and it is as safe as anything unofficial can be. Having said that, we issue no guarantees with our work and everything we do from the goodness of our heart in trying to assist you. We always information as correctly as possible.

We at Mobi-cuppa can not be held liable for any damages done to your CLIQ device by following this guide that we provided. You follow it at your own risk.

Enable USB Debugging mode for the CLIQ 2 handset.

This tool is compatible with this device only that we know of so don’t try and use it for any other gadget that you know of because it will not work, and it could cause bricking. There is always a new guide for each phone for this reason.

Backup all of your data before continuing. It includes call logs, SMS and MMS records where applicable. If you do not want to do that you do not have to. Most people will need to invest in a MicroSD card for the local shops to back up to external storage. The reason I say this is because the internal memory is only 1 GB. That is very low, and you likely won’t have enough space to backup without the SD card. You can buy cards that support and additional 32 GB of storage space.

Ensure that you have at least 80 % battery power left before starting.

How to root the Motorola CLIQ 2

1. Download the necessary Motorola root tools.

2. Once you have downloaded the file given in the link above, place this link somewhere you will be able to find it easily such as your desktop.

3. Extract the files from a folder on your desktop.

4. Turn on your device and navigate to the USB Debugging Mode. Go to Menu, Settings, Applications, Dev and Enable USB Debugging by checking the box that is now unchecked to complete that task.

5. Connect the Motorola CLIQ 2 device to a Windows PC.

6. From the file, you extracted earlier in Step 3, double-click to open the file. When it opens you will see, a “Root My Phone” button in the bottom left hand side corner. Click this button.

7. You will now see a set of instructions by the Motorola root tool. Proceed in following these instructions until the end. Once finished, your smartphone is now successfully rooted.

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