The Galaxy Tab A 10.1 SM-T580 was released in 2016 and came with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) out of the box. It was later upgradable to Android 8.1 (Oreo). For some reason, tablets such as this one are very popular among Android enthusiasts for installing custom firmware. And if you are one of those people, you will be pleased to know there are some good custom ROMs available for the Samsung SM-T580, inlcuding an official LineageOS ROM.

ROMs for this tablet can be difficult to locate, however, because there are various model numbers in the Galaxy Tab A series. So here is our best attempt at a concise list.


  • The SM-T580 tablet has the codename gtaxlwifi. So if you see any ROMs referred to as gtaxlwifi rather than SM-T580, know that it is still the same device.
  • You will need to root and install a custom recovery image on the Samsung SM-T580 before you can install any of the following custom ROMs.
  • Sometimes people go looking for custom firmware because they aren’t happy with their stock firmware. You can use any of the free firmware upgrade tools for Samsung to download the latest firmware for your device. These tools download the latest Samsung firmware directly from Samsung.

See also: Free Samsung Firmware Update Tools

LineageOS 19.1

The LineageOS 19.1 custom ROM has been developed for the SM-T580 by XDA senior member, TALUAtXDA. LineageOS 19.1 is based on Android 12. LineageOS 17.1 is available but discontinued. There are also a couple of older LineageOS 16 custom ROMs for this device. Read about them here: LineageOS 16 for Galaxy Tab A (2016) and LineageOS 16.0 64-bit 20191211. And there is also a LineageOS 14.1 ROM based on Android 7.1.2 that comes with TWRP 3.2 as well.

Download: LineageOS 19.1


There is an unofficial crDroid custom ROM based on Android 12.1 available for the Samsung SM-T580. This ROM looks like one of the first ROMs to become available but was quite popular in 2020. XDA senior member, followmsi, appears to be the one updating the ROM.

Download: crDroidAndroid-12.1

Bliss 12.11

There is an official Bliss custom ROM for the Samsung SM-T580; however, it has been discontinued. Bliss 12.11 is based on Android 10 and can still be used even though it has been discontinued. It also comes with GApps.

Download: Bliss 12.11

AospExtended v6.6

The AospExtended v6.6 custom ROM for the Samsung SM-T580 is an unofficial build. It was posted by XDA senior member, srgrusso, and it appears to me as though he is the one who ported this ROM. Some features don’t work for some users, but all in all, it appears to work well and it’s a popular choice to use among Galaxy Tab A 10.1 owners.

Download: AospExtended v6.6


A fairly independent project by XDA senior member, ajsmsg78, SaMBoNeS is based on BQK1 and it comes debloated with most of the Samsung apps removed. It’s also pre-rooted for those who want to install apps that require root access to the operating system.

Download: SaMBoNeS

TW Port 9.0 Pie ONE UI

There is a ported Android 9.0 (Pie) custom ROM for the SM-T580 that was originally made for the SM-A600N 20190316. XDA senior member, Valera1978, is the developer who ported this one across. This ported ROM is also compatible with the SM-T585 model number.

Download: TW Port 9.0 Pie ONE UI

Extremely DeOdexed, DeBloated ROM Nougat 7.0

The self-professed “extremely DeOdexed and debloated” custom ROM for the Samsung SM-T580 is based on Android 7.0 Nougat. This ROM was originally released in 2016 when Android 7.0 was new. It doesn’t have a name and looks to be focussed on improving the peformance of the stock Android 7.0 ROM.

Download: Extremely DeOdexed, DeBloated ROM Nougat 7.0

Evolution X 4.5

The Evolution 4.5 custom ROM for the Samsung SM-T580 is based on AOSP released in 2020. However, sadly the ROM has been discontinued. Still, 2020 is quite recent for it to be discontinued so it’s still a good ROM to use. This ROM uses Dark Mode around the OS and is based on Android 10.

Download: Evolution X 4.5