Are there any custom ROMs available for the Samsung SM-T377A? I have heard about lineageos 17.1 and would like to know if I can install it on my Samsung SM-T377A. Resolution:

We were not able to locate any custom ROMs available for the Samsung SM-T377A but there are some ROMs made for the SM-T377 under different carriers such as Sprint. The Samsung SM-T377A is the AT&T variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab E.

We do not know if these ROMs will work or not for the SM-T377A, so do not install them until you have more knowledge. If you are interested in any ROM, you should leave a comment on the thread link so the developer of the ROM replies to your question. The reason it can be dangerous to install ROMs on the wrong model numbers is that sometimes different model numbers come with differing branded processors.

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LineageOS/Go 16.0

This is an unofficial LineageOS 16.0 custom ROM for the SM-T377P. It is based on Android 9.0 (Pie). Plenty of features work and some are known not to work. You can read the download link for more information.

Download: LineageOS/Go 16.0


The SaboorROM has been developed for the Samsung SM-T377W. The senior member who posted the ROM, 587.saboor, admits it has been two years since he has worked on it and says the ROM is not being actively worked on.

Download: SaboorROM

LightningFastRom 17.1

The LightningFastRom 17.1 has been developed for the gtelwifiue and gtesqltespr devices. However, we still don’t know if that is suitable for the Samsung SM-T377A model number specifically.

Download: LightningFastRom 17.1

There is also a debloated stock ROM for the SM-T377W. But the developer says it is strictly for the Canadian variant (which would make sense since it is a stock version of Android and developed for a particular carrier).

In conclusion, those are the best custom ROMs for the Samsung SM-T377A tablet. As mentioned, this specific model number didn’t have any custom ROMs available for it. So if you plan on trying out one of the ROMs listed above, you should message their respective developers first.