Does the Allwinner H313 have any custom ROMs? I know that the Allwinner H313 runs Android and would be interested in checking out the features of custom firmware and to see if any custom firmware can offer more power. Resolution:

To date, there are no custom ROMs available for the Allwinner H313. The only customizing that can be done is by researching Android 10 and what features you can enable and disable by default.

We think it’s unlikely custom ROMs will ever be developed for the Allwinner H313 because we rarely see them for Android TV boxes or TV boxes in general, though we will update the article if we see any in the future.

One user on XDA Developers claims to have installed the Tanix TX6s ROM on the Allwinner H313 due to it being compatible, but we cannot recommend this; and it’s not a custom ROM; it’s only suggesting that the Allwinner H313 ROM is potentially compatible with other Android TV box ROMs.

Rooting the Allwinner H313

You can get root access to the Allwinner H313 with the Magisk Manager. You can also get ADB and fastboot. When you install image files, you ought to do it with ADB commands for this device, and you can install the image with PhoenixSuit.