You can download the Samsung SM-G530H firmware from one of the free Samsung firmware update tools. Many of these firmware update tools exist for Samsung, but often you can use any of them to download the firmware you are searching for, though there are some differences between the tools. Here we will outline the tools we think are best for downloading the Samsung SM-G530H stock ROM/firmware file.


The SamFwTool downloads Samsung firmware files for nearly all Samsung smartphones and tablets directly from Samsung’s servers. This is a reliable tool with its own thread on XDA Developers. SamFwTool is one of the better tools for downloading Samsung firmware files because it has an “Auto Detect (MTP)” button which when pressed will try to automatically understand what smartphone or tablet it is that you have, meaning you don’t have to input the region and model number manually which can sometimes be burdensome.


Most tools for downloading Samsung firmware are only made for Windows. If you don’t have a PC running Windows, you ought to download Samloader as all it requires is Python 3. The original Samloader was a command line tool, meaning it didn’t have a GUI as other tools did. However, the latest version, called Bifrost, does have an interface so it’s just as convenient to use as the others. Bifrost comes with a downloader and a decrypter.