There are numerous ways you can download the Samsung GT-i9300 firmware flash file; however, there is only one source, to begin with. Every Samsung firmware file comes from Samsung’s servers. Samsung doesn’t offer firmware files for you to download directly, so what happens instead of many webmasters scraping their servers for those files instead? And then each of those websites will offer you the download links. Some of those sites have become quite renowned such as SamMobile which is treated as though it is as official as Samsung itself.

Generally, you want to avoid these sites scraping Samsung firmware though because you can’t rely on them the same way as you could Samsung themselves. And that’s a problem for something as crucial as firmware files which, if installed incorrectly, can brick the smartphone. You need to ensure the link you are downloading is 100% accurate to avoid any files that may brick the smartphone. And the way to do that is by using a free Samsung firmware update tool, which will fetch the Samsung firmware files directly from Samsung for you.


SamFirm_Reborn is the successor to the popular SamFirm tool. Due to its name being so closely associated with the original SamFirm tool everyone used, it gets used by thousands of people every day of the week, and it is unquestionably one of the most popular Samsung firmware update tools today. However, it’s not as easy to use as some others. To use SamFirm_Reborn, you will need your smartphone’s model number and region and enter that information into the SamFirm_Reborn interface before it will fetch the appropriate firmware file for your smartphone from Samsung’s servers. For most people, this is easy enough but occasionally people get stuck.


Frija is another popular Samsung firmware update tool. It’s similar to SamFirm_Reborn and some would say it’s easier to use thanks to its automatic detection feature that will try to automatically understand what smartphone it is you have and then download the firmware directly from Samsung’s servers for you without you having to do anything. If Frija fails to automatically download the firmware, there is a manual option for you to enter the smartphone model number instead.