The Samsung SM-G950F firmware files can be downloaded using the free Samsung firmware update tools. These tools will search Samsung’s servers for your files and then download them to your computer where you can then flash them with the Odin flashing tool.

Samsung doesn’t offer firmware files for you to download from its official website. If you have a problem with your smartphone and send it away to them, they will flash the firmware for you, but they won’t hand over the files for you to download by yourself. So you have no choice but to download the firmware from another source.

There are plenty of websites out there that scrape Samsung’s servers for the latest firmware files and then host them on their servers for you to download. But you’re always taking a risk and assuming the file they give you is the correct file. If you can skip the middle man and download directly from Samsung’s servers, you should do it, which is why we recommend using these Samsung firmware update tools instead. All Samsung firmware update tools are developed by experienced developers who have accounts set up either at XDA Developers or GitHub.


SamFirm_Reborn is the tool most people use to download Samsung firmware files onto their desktops so they can then be flashed with the Odin flashing tool. All you need to do is know your smartphone’s model number and region, and enter those details into its interface and the tool will search Samsung’s servers for your firmware.


Frija is another popular Samsung firmware update tool that can download files directly to your desktop from Samsung’s servers. Unlike SamFirm_Reborn, Frija comes with an automatic detection feature that will try to automatically understand what smartphone it is you have, and then download the firmware for it directly from Samsung’s servers without you having to do anything. Use this tool if you struggle to enter your device’s model number and region details in other tools.