You can use free Samsung firmware update tools to download the Samsung SM-P601 stock ROM to your desktop which can be flashed with the Odin flashing tool.


One of the most commonly used tools to download Samsung firmware is SamFirm_Reborn. All you need is your smartphone model number and its region and then the tool will search Samsung;’s servers for your latest firmware file. Most people use this tool because its name is so similar to the original SamFirm tool which had a monopoly position as a tool for downloading Samsung firmware. But many other tools are also forks of the original SamFirm tool.


One of the best forks of SamFirm is SamFwTool. It’s similar to SamFirm_Reborn but it’s easier to use for those who struggle inputting the region and model number data thanks to its auto-detect feature that tries to automatically detect what smartphone it is that you have. Apart from its auto-detect feature, the two tools are pretty similar: both download Samsung firmware directly from Samsung’s servers to your desktop. You can also use the Odin flashing tool for the firmware file you download from the SamFwTool.

Bifrost – Samsung Firmware Downloader

Both options above are for Windows computers only. If you don’t have Windows, you need to use Bifrost – Samsung Firmware Downloader instead. All you need for this tool is Python 3 rather than an operating system. This was originally a command line tool but has since been updated to show a user interface equal to the other options. Bifrost – Samsung Firmware Downloader also has an auto-detect feature so you don’t have to manually input your region and model number which can sometimes be difficult.