The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016 (SM-T580) has run a few Android versions by now. The latest official update it received was Android 8.1 (Oreo). Given it has run several Android versions, there are a few different rooting methods in existence. The easiest—and generally the best for numerous reasons—is to root with Magisk, which according to various XDA Developer members whom I have read, does work for the SM-T580.

Note: The Magisk version that was used by XDA members was Magisk 18.0; however, that is no longer the latest. Typically you would install the latest version of Magisk, but if that doesn’t work, be sure to keep downgrading until one works or just use Magisk 18.0 instead.

This tutorial demonstrates how to root the SM-T580 on Android 8.1 using Magisk. You should back up the SM-T580 before continuing, especially if you haven’t unlocked the bootloader yet if this tablet comes with a locked bootloader. The following is the general guide on how to root with Magisk on Samsung smartphones and tablets based on our expert knowledge of Magisk. If you feel something should be different, please leave a comment regarding your concerns.

Root SM-T580 on Android 8.1 Using Magisk

1. Unlock the bootloader on the SM-T580. Some tablets come with locked bootloaders, and some are unlocked. You cannot root with Magisk unless yours is already unlocked. Some older rooting tools would unlock the bootloader for you, which is why you may not have done this step before. Regardless, I can guarantee it won’t work with a locked bootloader.

2. Download the latest firmware for the SM-T580 (based on Android 8.1 Oreo) using one of the free Samsung firmware update tools. It doesn’t matter which one you use; they are all reliable for downloading firmware directly from Samsung’s servers.

3. Extract the firmware and copy the AP file to the SM-T580.

4. Install Magisk on the SM-T580 and then tap Install. You can download Magisk versions here: Download: Magisk/Magisk Manager

Note: If the SM-T580 does not have a boot ramdisk, select Recovery Mode in Magisk Options.

5. Select Select and Patch a File under the Method heading, and select the AP tar file you copied.

6. Copy the patched tar file to the desktop.

7. Turn off the SM-T580 and reboot to Download Mode.

8. Install Odin and upload the magisk_patched.tar to the AP button. Add the BL, CP, and CSC files from the original firmware. You can download Odin versions here: Download: Odin Downloader (All Versions)

9. Wait for the SM-T580 to reboot when the flashing has been completed. Confirm a factory reset if Odin or the tablet requests it.

Note: If the SM-T580 doesn’t have a boot ramdisk, you will need to boot to Recovery Mode before Magisk is successfully installed and rooted.

10. Install the latest version of Magisk and open it. You should see a dialog box requesting for it to be set up. Complete that and then wait for the tablet to restart.

11. Restart the SM-T580 one more time and it will be rooted with Magsik and ready to install modules/apps.

In conclusion, that is how to root the SM-T580 on Android 8.1.