Is it possible to get root access to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus running on Android 11 without having to reset/wipe the data? Resolution:

The way to get root access on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus running Android 11 is by flashing a custom recovery image, known as TWRP, and then using Magisk or by patching stock firmware files and then using Magisk. Both methods are very different, but they require you to lose data due to needing the bootloader unlocked. There is no way to get root access without unlocking the bootloader. Sometimes you may not notice the bootloader is getting unlocked because a one-click rooting tool might be doing it for you. However, when getting root access with Magisk and TWRP, for instance, you always need to unlock the bootloader yourself. The two exceptions to this are (2) if the smartphone already comes with the bootloader unlocked and (b) if you have already unlocked the bootloader yourself beforehand. You only need to unlock the bootloader once, so if you have already done it, you don’t lose your data again.

However, even if you have unlocked the bootloader (which always wipes the data), you still need to perform a factory reset later on before you boot with Magisk if you are using Magisk. There is no way around this factory reset; both methods listed above are getting root access with Magisk; one of them is using Magisk without TWRP.