For several years now, there has been a bounty available for a developer to come up with a working root method for the SM-N975U1 Note 10+. That’s not the exact same model number as the SM-N975U so you have to be careful because they won’t necessarily get root with the same files. But generally, if the SM-N975U1 is rooted, it leaves hope of a new method coming up for the SM-N975U.

The SM-N975U isn’t the first device to struggle with root access lately. I see this frequently. I did just write an article yesterday about how people were looking for a root method for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus without having to reset it. There wasn’t a way to get root on it without factory resetting and of course wiping the data during the bootloader unlock phase of the guide. However, here is the good news: There was actually a general rooting method available for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Magisk and TWRP. There was even a secondary method with Magisk that didn’t require the custom recovery image.

Here is the information I have been able to find regarding root access on the SM-N975U model number:

  • You can unlock the bootloader provided you are on a v5 bootloader or below.
  • This sounds unfortunate, but it’s better than the fate of some other variants of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus which cannot have the bootloaders unlocked at all.
  • Here is the article that suggests you can root with Magisk and TWRP the Galaxy Note 10 Plus: How to root Note10/Note 10+ & Flash TWRP (Exynos only)

If you have any information regarding the SM-N975U root, please leave comments below.