People have been rooting the Android operating system for decades. But ever since apps like Android Pay existed, things started to change. In particular, for security reasons, Google no longer wanted the Android OS to be rooted when apps like Android Pay were in use. But the folks behind Google are also pretty kind and are aware many still wanted root access. The solution was to create a SafetyNet feature, and if a smartphone owner wants to get root access to Android, they’re going to need a toggle switch that allows users to toggle off root access when apps like Android Pay are being used. That solution to date has been Magisk.

The Magisk Manager app lets you hide root access temporarily so you can use apps like Android Pay without tripping Android’s SafetyNet feature, which is there to ensure those with root access cannot use services sensitive to having money stolen. Alternative rooting methods, such as SuperSU, are not as capable of hiding root access, so they are not as commonly used on newer versions of Android since SafetyNet was introduced.

Note: Starting from version 22.0, Magisk and Magisk Manager are merged into the one package. Up until then, there were seperate Magisk (core) and Magisk Manager (companion app) files. Thus this page does include the Magisk Manager files if that is what you are looking for.

Download Magisk (All Versions)


Magisk Manager

In conclusion, that is how to download Magisk/Magisk Manager to root Android with the systemless root method.