I want to root my Android smartphone with KingRoot but am not sure if it is available for Android 9 (Pie). Do you have the download link for the KingRoot 9 APK? Resolution:

Unfortunately, KingRoot is not compatible with Android 9 (Pie). It stopped working for the Android operating system roughly the same time that SuperSU was replaced with Magisk. If you want to root your device on Android 9 (Pie), it’s the Magisk tool you want to use. This is because Magisk is designed to pass Android’s Safety Net which was a new feature after Android 7.0 (Nougat) that prevents apps like Android Pay from running when a device has root access. More recent rooting methods — such as the way Magisk works — are not able to bypass Safety Net but rather offer a toggle for you to turn root access on and off so you can disable root access when Android requires the added security. Magisk is simple to use, but you will need to know how to get the firmware boot image for Magisk before you can use it.

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Download KingRoot (All Versions)

You can download all versions of KingRoot from this page: Download KingRoot Application APK (All Versions). On the page, we have listed which Android version was released when a particular version of KingRoot became available. This allows you to see what version of KingRoot was released for your version of Android. That said, you can always use the most recent version of KingRoot to root your device.

How to Root with Magisk

Many people like to use KingRoot because it’s quick and easy, but Magisk isn’t difficult to use either. It just requires a bit more work. Here are the general guidelines to root a device with Magisk:

1. Unlock the Bootloader

a. Some smartphones come with the bootloader locked already, but it’s becoming increasingly less common. You can usually unlock the bootloader with fastboot and the fastboot command fastboot flashing unlock from the command line.

2. Check the Boot Image

a. Place the boot image in the same folder as fastboot on the computer.

b. Reboot the smartphone into Fastboot Mode by using the command adb reboot bootloader.

c. Run the fastboot boot boot.img command.

d. The smartphone should boot as normal and when it does you know the boot image is fine and ready for root with Magisk.

3. Install Magisk to Get Root Access

a. Transfer the boot image onto the smartphone.

b. Download Magisk and install it on the smartphone. (Magisk is available on GitHub rather than Google Play or XDA Developers.)

c. Open Magisk, tap on Install from its menu, followed by Select and Patch a File, and then upload the boot.img file.

d. The patched boot image will be stored in the Download directory with the name magisk.patched.img or something alike. Transfer this patched boot image to the computer (desktop or laptop), and in the same folder as fastboot.

e. Reboot the smartphone to Fastboot Mode with the adb reboot bootloader command.

f. Run the fastboot boot magisk_patched*.img command, ensuring you use the correct file name in the command.

g. Open Magisk on the smartphone and tap on Install. Select Direct Install (Recommended).

Once you have rebooted the smartphone it should be working with the type of root access that allows you to toggle it on and off to meet Android SafetyNet requirements.