I have the Samsung Galaxy A50 and would like to install custom firmware on it. Does anyone know if the A50 is OEM unlocked? Resolution:

The Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with a locked bootloader, meaning you would have to unlock the bootloader first before installing custom firmware. Note that unlocking the bootloader is another term for OEM unlocking; the two terms are interchangeable.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy A50 bootloader, aka how to OEM unlock the A50.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A50 Bootloader

You can unlock the bootloader on the Samsung Galaxy A50 by enabling OEM unlock and then booting into Download Mode. Here is how to do that:


  • Your Samsung Galaxy A50 will need to be connected to the internet.
  • When you confirm you want to unlock the bootloader in Download Mode, it will wipe the data, so make sure you back up your smartphone if you want to keep its data.
  1. On the Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone, enable the Developer Options menu. See this tutorial for how to enable Developer Options on Samsung smartphones: How to Unlock Developer Options Menu and Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android.
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu and tap on the Developer Options menu.
  3. Tap on OEM unlocking to enable it.
  4. Long-press the Power button to turn off the Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone.
  5. Press and hold Volume Up and Volume Down and connect the Samsung Galaxy A50 to the computer with its USB cable.
  6. When you see the Samsung Galaxy A50 in Download Mode, release the Volume buttons.
  7. Press and hold Volume Up to bring up the Bootloader Unlock screen.
  8. Press Volume Up again to confirm you want to unlock the bootloader.
  9. Samsung will let you know you are about to wipe the data and then unlock the bootloader. Confirm you understand this to proceed.
  10. Wait for the Samsung Galaxy A50 to restart and have its bootloader unlocked.

You will likely notice a message every time you boot up the Samsung Galaxy A50 now letting you know that its bootloader is indeed unlocked.

In conclusion, that is how to OEM unlock the Samsung Galaxy A50.

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