Lenovo A5000I have tried to get root access on the Lenovo A5000 running on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop; however, none of the one-click rooting tools such as KingRoot or Framaroot work. How do people get root access to this device? Resolution:

There is no official root method for the Lenovo A5000. Some blogs claim you can install TWRP Recovery for the Lenovo A5000 and then install SuperSU once the custom recovery image is installed. That does work for devices that do have a custom recovery made for them, but there is no official TWRP recovery made for the Lenovo A5000. So, if root access is possible, it is only with an unofficial TWRP build.

Unofficial custom recovery images aren’t images we recommend installing as we have no way of verifying how reliable they are. But even still, I have tried looking using my expertise and cannot find a supposed “unofficial” TWRP image for the Lenovo A5000 anyway.

If you are a Lenovo A5000 owner who wanted root access, you are out of luck this time. Rarely, devices as popular as this don’t have known rooting methods available. But we recommend passing up on root access this time. For your next device, though, you probably want to get root access with Magisk, which makes use of Magisk modules, assuming it runs on a version of Android beyond Android 7.0. Magisk is a systemless root method capable of getting around Android SafetyNet thanks to Magisk Hide.