If you have a number of apps installed on your device, you will always find yourself going through the notifications that these apps have sent you. From a chat notification in the WhatsApp app to a video call notification in Skype, these all notifications have kept you really busy lately.

When you get a lot of notifications, what you usually do is dismiss them, but sometimes we dismiss the ones that are imperative to us without reading them. If you have mistakenly done that, you will see there is no easy way to look back at the dismissed notification.


That should not disappoint you though as you now have a way to see all of the notifications you have ever gotten on your device. This means you will be able to see even those notifications that you dismissed when they appeared in the notification bar.

Your Android device actually saves all of your notifications in a log on your device so that you can see them even when they have been dismissed from the notification bar. Getting to that log is as easy as adding a widget to your home screen and accessing it.

Here’s how it’s done:

Recovering Dismissed Notifications on an Android Device

First of all, make sure you are on the home screen of your device. It does not matter on what home screen but it should be just a home screen.

Tap and hold anywhere on your home screen, and you will see a menu letting you add new items to the home screen. From the menu, you need to tap on the option that says “Widgets” as what you are going to add to your home screen is a widget.


Tapping on widgets in the previous step will bring forth the screen where all the widgets that exist on your device are shown. Scroll down through the widgets and find the widget named “Settings.” When you find it, tap on it to add it to your home screen.


When you tap the Settings widget, you will be asked what settings option it should launch when it is tapped on your home screen. On this screen, you need to find and tap on the option that says “Notification log.”

The Notification log is where a list of all the notifications you have received on your device is kept. Adding it to your home screen will make it easier for you to view all the notifications you have got on your device.


When the widget has been added, you will see it on your home screen as shown in the following screenshot. As you can see, it says “Notification log” because it has a log of your notifications.

Tap on it, and it will open the screen where you can see all the notifications you have ever received on your device.


Notifications from all the apps on your device are shown here on this screen. If you missed a notification when it appeared on your device, you can find and see it here.


So, that was how you could recover the dismissed notifications on an Android device.

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