The Opera browser has been updated to version 82.0.4226.0. This update to the Dev channel was released on November 2, 2021.

Opera Dev 82.0.4226.0

Opera Dev 82.0.4226.0 comes with 25 noteworthy changes over the previous version of the browser. Some of the most notable of them include the Chromium foundation of the browser being updated to version 96.0.4664.18. This in itself will bring its own unique changes which you can check by looking up that Chromium build number. Additionally, Opera has corrected the checkmarks displaying the wrong colors in the settings menu. They have also corrected the wrong color being displayed on hover in the switch service menu. You can read the full changelog below.

The full changelog provided by Opera:

  • CHR-6730 Disable gn checks for parts of chromium/src where we’ve broken deps
  • CHR-8631 Update Chromium on master to 96.0.4664.18
  • DNA-91053 Close messenger after toggling through all messengers
  • DNA-95502 Wrong color of icon on hover in switch service menu
  • DNA-95675 Checkmarks have wrong color in Settings
  • DNA-95906 [Win] Conferencing pop out covers Quit Opera dialog
  • DNA-95957 CTRL+ENTER does not work properly in address bar
  • DNA-95975 Tab separators blink when hovering over tabs
  • DNA-96000 Base browsertests on PictureInPictureWindowControllerBrowserTest
  • DNA-96008 Crash at content::WebContentsImpl::OpenURL(content::OpenURLParams const&)
  • DNA-96024 Remove kFeatureVideoConferencingPopout
  • DNA-96032 Closing the videoconference pop-up force leaving the meeting
  • DNA-96039 Player always pauses other media when it starts playing
  • DNA-96077 Google Analytics can’t load on Google Firebase
  • DNA-96092 Crash at void opera::ModalDialogViews::OnWidgetClosing(opera::ModalDialog::Result)
  • DNA-96105 advancedSubmenu in opera://settings shifted
  • DNA-96122 Error log in release build console
  • DNA-96127 Upgrade plan button does nothing
  • DNA-96138 “Add Card” button does not change to “Upgrade Plan” after adding card
  • DNA-96144 Highlight stays on tab when hovering and moving mouse away
  • DNA-96147 “Buy” button does not work
  • DNA-96168 Update contributors list
  • DNA-96169 Advanced sync settings section doesn’t work
  • DNA-96174 doesn’t work with Opera
  • DNA-96189 DCHECK in TabStripView::CloseTooltipOnMouseEvent

To update Opera, open the browser and click on the Opera icon in the top left corner and then click on the Update and Recovery link. The Opera browser will then automatically check for updates. Note that Opera will also update itself in the background when you have the browser closed, so you may find it already updated by the next time you open the browser.

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