The Opera browser has been updated to version 77.0.4054.277. This update was released on July 21, 2021.

This update has been released so that the Chromium foundation that the browser runs on could be updated to its latest build.

Additionally, it has also solved several problems that were discovered in previous Opera builds. You can read about them in the release notes below.

The changelog for this update:

  • CHR-8502 Update chromium on desktop-stable-91-4054 to 91.0.4472.164
  • DNA-94291 Video conference popout doesnt remember its size after resizing
  • DNA-94399 Incorrect icon for in address bar dropdown
  • DNA-94462 Low quality of default wallpaper on windows

One of the features made available to Opera browsers recently was the automatic theme matching with the operating system. There were some reports of it not working for some users back then, and there are still some people suggesting it isn’t working on macOS as it should.

Other users have taken offense to the ton of emoji icons that are displayed with the Pinboard tiles. The emojis are all laid out in a line without any organizing into categories and there are lots of them.

To update Opera, open the browser and click on the Opera icon in the top left corner and then click on the Update and Recovery link. The Opera browser will then automatically check for updates. Note that Opera will also update itself in the background when you have the browser closed, so you may find it already updated by the next time you open the browser.

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