Samsung Galaxy S20I have a Samsung smartphone. I have unlocked the Developer Options menu by tapping on the Build Number seven times from About Phone but there is no OEM Unlocking option inside. Has Android changed its location and where can I find it? Resolution: 

All Android smartphones can have the bootloader unlocked by using ADB commands. However, before you can run the commands, you need to enable OEM Unlocking from the Developer Options menu. This OEM Unlocking option has been available from the Android settings since Android 5.0. For some people, the OEM Unlocking option is missing. There could be a few reasons for this.

OEM Unlock Missing Samsung

Some Samsung smartphones come with the bootloader unlocked already. It could be that yours has an unlocked bootloader and therefore doesn’t need an OEM Unlock option from the settings.

Assuming you have a device that doesn’t come with the bootloader unlocked, you may need to adjust the clock time and date back at least seven days. This is because some Samsung smartphones can only enable OEM Unlocking once the device has been activated for seven days already. To solve this, navigate to Settings > General management > Date and time and toggle off the automatic time. Once done, set the time manually back at least 7 days. Once the date is changed, unlock the Developer Options menu again and then open it to find OEM Unlocking.

Moreover, there is no way to enable OEM Unlock to flash the firmware with Fastboot without Developer Options already enabled. However, you can flash the OTA variant of the firmware files via Recovery Mode instead.

There are several more solutions available on this page that may help those who don’t own Samsung devices: How to Get OEM Unlock in Developer Options.