Odin Mode on SamsungI am aware that I can unlock the Developer Options on Samsung, even if my device is one of the ones in need of some extra effort due to the seven-day after activation rule, et cetera. However, I would like to enable OEM Unlock without having to get into Developer Options at all. Is it possible? My smartphone is showing an error message. I want to be able to flash my device in Fastboot Mode, but one of the steps requires me to have OEM Unlocking enabled before I can do it. Resolution:

You can still flash by booting into Recovery Mode rather than Fastboot Mode. You need to install the OTA image (not a factory image), and sideload the OTA package in the Windows command line. Here are the steps you need to follow:

How to Enable OEM Unlock without Developer Options on Samsung

You cannot enable OEM Unlock to flash firmware from fastboot if you do not already have Developer Options enabled. Instead, you need to flash OTA files via Recovery Mode. Here is how to do that:

1. Boot into Recovery Mode via Bootloader Mode and choose Recovery from the menu.

2. When you see the Android logo with a red triangle, press the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.

3. From the Recovery menu, ensure you choose adb sideload.

4. Download the OTA image onto your computer.

5. Open the elevated Windows command line.

6. Type the adb sideload packagename.zip command and press the Enter key on your keyboard to execute it.

7. The OTA will be flashed to your smartphone and it should work again.

In conclusion, that is how to flash OTA files when you cannot enable OEM Unlock in Developer Options on Samsung smartphones.