Anime ThighsBefore you can play the Anime Thighs album by MC Virgins on Roblox, you need to know the Roblox ID of the album.

The following tutorial demonstrates how you can find out any song or album ID in Roblox so you can add the sounds to your games.

How to Get the Anime Thighs Roblox ID

1. The way in which you find out an album ID is by opening and sign in to your account.

2. When signed in, click on Create in the top menu.

3. When in the Create tab, click on Creator Marketplace.

4. In the left menu of Creator Marketplace, click on the Audio link.

5. All of the free-to-use audio files will now be displayed. There is also a search box so you can enter the album you want.

6. Once you have clicked on the album, in the URL will be a number. For instance: That number will be the ID number for the album.

7. You can copy and paste the number into any games that you have created and use it in the games.

For those who want to add the sounds to the games, follow the next part of the tutorial.

1. In your Roblox game, click on the SoundService link in the Explorer. Click on Sound to add the sound.

2. In Properties for Sound, click on the SoundID section and paste the ID from the URL to this location.

3. When you press Enter the sound will be saved and you will be able to check the box to play the sound and hear it play.

In conclusion, that is how to find the ID of the Anime Thighs album on Roblox and add the sound to your games. Please leave comments if you have any information that could be added.