Android bootloader unlockI am looking to root my smartphone so I can install more apps. For this, I need to unlock the bootloader. However, for some reason I don’t have OEM Unlock displayed from the Developer Options menu. Resolution: 

Ever since Android 5.0 Lollipop, there has been a hidden Developer Options menu able to be unlocked by those interested in becoming a developer over the OS. The hidden code was to tap on the build number seven times from the About Phone menu in the Settings. However, sometimes OEM Unlock is not available from the Developer Options menu. We recently reported that some Samsung smartphones needed to turn the date back at least seven days before the smartphone was first activated to get around this dilemma. On other devices, they come with the bootloader unlocked already and so may not have an OEM Unlocking option from the Developer Options by default. But there are some things to try if you don’t have a Samsung device or if you think those ideas aren’t solutions for your particular device.

One reader has suggested connecting the smartphone to the internet first and then checking for new software updates. Another idea is to check that you have logged in to your Samsung account. These two solutions have been verified to work for many Android users on various devices.