Roblox Man BundleI want to download and use the Roblox Man Face from the Roblox Man Bundle. Resolution:

When you create a new Roblox account you are by default given the Man Face provided the account details specified are of the male or unspecified agenda. The Man Face can also be downloaded for free from the Roblox avatar shop as part of the Man Bundle. So if you are unable to copy and paste it, head to the avatar shop instead where you can download it for free.

The Man Face avatar has been downloaded well over a million times from the avatar shop for free. It used to cost 100 Robux (the Roblox currency) to download but has since become free. The Man Face has been around since 2012; however, back in those days, it was called the Johnny Face. The name was later changed to coincide with the Man Bundle.

Many people want to use the Man Face because it has become the equivalent of a meme. It is common for spammers to use the Man Face which could be another reason why it has become so popular to download, though not everyone who uses it is a spammer. The spam seems to have inspired more people to use it as a meme avatar.

Here is where you can download Man Face on Roblox: Man Face by Roblox. You need to create an account first and then click on the Get button to download it. You may also want to view the general Man Bundle where you can equip the man with things like hair, a face, and choose the head, torso, arms, and legs.