Unlocking the bootloader and gaining S-off privileges on any Android HTC device is essential for taking away the security restrictions put in place by the manufacturer. They can security the way the company wants it. However, as you might know, in order for us to gain root access rights we must unlock the bootloader, gaining the S-off is also a must for some guides we have here on the site such as installing some variants of custom ROM. S-Off usually hinders the ability to install a custom ROM, custom recovery and splash images on any device.

The following guide we are presenting today for the original HTC flagship brings you the G-Off, unlocked bootloader, root access and will show you how to install a custom recovery image in your device such as the Team Win TWRP recovery or ClockworkMod recovery.

HTC One M7

The guide only works for the official Verizon Big red M7 HTC One. Do not try to apply the same files on any other device or else you risk soft-bricking the handset.

  • Turn on the smartphone and navigate to Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging Mode so you are successfully connecting to the computer. You’ll also need the latest HTC USB drivers to make that happen.
  • Most people are already running the useful drivers by HTC. You can download them from third-party links or the official develop tools page from the website. Usually, if you are accessing the phone data on the computer drive, you know the USB drivers are already working and there’s no need to download and install them again.
  • You are voiding the rest of the device warranty. Now that it’s aging you’ll find most of the warranty lengths running out. However, not all users buy this phone when it first comes out so some people could still have some warranty remaining depending on the length they bought.
  • Just like most other tutorials we offer here on the website, we recommend you backup the operating system with the settings and data. After you have root access you can take a Nandroid backup by accessing the same inside the custom recovery menu. A Nandroid is available from Team Win TWRP Recovery and the ClockworkMod recovery menu. However, since we do not have root access before starting the guide here, we want to use the backup feature which comes with the device.
  • Otherwise, we can try out a popular backup application available from Google Play for non-rooted handsets. We recommend checking out Helium for most of the essentials such as making copies of the phone contacts.
  • Stopping at the Settings and tap the security tab, followed by screen lock and select ‘none.’
  • Furthermore, navigate to Settings > Power > Battery and turn off the fastboot option.

How to install RumRunner’s All-In-One package for unlocking the bootloader, gaining root access, S-Off and more

  1. Download the RumRunner tool from this link here.
  2. use the desktop of the computer for the file location.
  3. Unzip the file and pluck out the soju.exe file.
  4. Now right-click on the file and select to run it with administrator permissions.
  5. Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable.
  6. Select the “yes’ option from the command window.
  7. Press the enter key to confirm that’s what you want and wait for the flashing to finish.

As you can imagine, no all-in-one tool comes without its queries. You can follow the link through to XDA Developers from where the package is in the download step and check out the threads with comments. often the official OP and third-party developers will reply to comments asking questions. They are the experts to ask about this package. We are just providing the guide.

the pack worked perfectly when it first came out. However if you have updated the operating system with recent software updates on your device such as Android 4.4.3 KitKat, you might not have it working. Google bring security patches to bring exploits and there’s some suggestions that the Mountain View company did patch the exploit.

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