The Sony Xperia E1 is one of those devices that can be bootloader unlocked by the official Sony unlocking method. What that means is you can install a custom recovery on your device once you’ve unlocked your bootloader. A custom recovery then leads to root-access which means more customization options for your device.

So, here’s how to unlock the bootloader on the Sony Xperia E1:

Sony Xperia E1

Files You Need

1. This should erase all the data stored on your device. So, please backup your data before doing the tutorial.

2. Download Flashtool to your computer. It’s the tool that will help you unlock the bootloader on your device.

Unlocking the Bootloader on the Sony Xperia E1

1. Double-click on Flashtool setup file and install the tool on your computer.

2. Open a web browser on your computer and head to the Sony Bootloader website.

3. On the Sony website, select your device from the dropdown menu, enter your email address, and hit Enter.

4. You should receive an email containing a link from Sony. Click on that link and it’ll open in your browser.

5. Enter your IMEI number on the webpage and hit Submit.

6. You should be able to see an unlock code on your computer. Copy it to your clipboard.

7. Launch Flashtool on your computer by double-clicking on its executable file.

8. Turn off your phone.

9. Hold down Volume DOWN+Power buttons at the same on your device.

10. Plug in your device to your computer using a USB cable.

11. Click on BLU button in the Flashtool.

12. Paste the unlock code you copied earlier into the Unlock Code box.

13. Click on the Unlock button and wait for it to unlock the bootloader on your device.

14. When it’s done, reboot your device.

15. You’re done.

The bootloader on your Sony Xperia E1 should now be unlocked. Go ahead and get a custom recovery installed on your Xperia E1.

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