So you want to unlock bootloader of your favourite Motorola smartphones to achieve mind-blowing customization, flashing custom ROMs and changing the firmware and system.

You’re luck enough as the guide for unlocking the bootloader is given below. Just follow the steps, unlock the bootloader and make your device unique.

Motorola Moto G

Here’s what you need to unlock the bootloader of any smartphone that’s manufactured by Motorola and runs on the Android operating system.

Precautions & Warnings

1. Backup your device as you’ll lose all media and data.

2. Charge your battery level above 30%

3. You may lose encryption support.

4.  You may lose some key functions including telephone, audio etc.

5. This will not change your device’s subsidy lock status

6. Unlocking your device may brick your device. It may cause permanent/physical damage to your device.

How to unlock any Motorola Bootloader

1 Download Motorola USB Drivers from here and install them on your PC. You don’t need to follow this step if the drivers are already installed.

2 Allow USB Debugging on your smartphone. If you don’t already have enabled USB Debugging, then go to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging and check the check-box there.

(Note that Developer Option is often hidden in Android version 4.2 and above. So go to Settings > About Device > Build Number and click it about 7 times)

3 Now, Shutdown your Motorola smartphone

4 Now, boot with ADB mode. To achieve ADB mode, press and hold VOLUME DOWN and POWER key for about 5 seconds. Then release the POWER KEY but keep holding the VOLUME DOWN key until the ADB Mode screen appears.

5 Connect your Motorola smartphone with your computer via USB Cable.

6 Now download Minimal ADB and fastboot tools from here. Then install these tools on your computer.

7 Once you’ve completed the setup and the tools are installed on your PC, go ahead by launching them.

8 Open Command Prompt(Windows Button + R and type CMD), if the installation is successful, you’ll see the code as shown in the screenshot.

9 Type the following command: fastboot devices and the devices that are attached with the computer.

10 Type the following command precisely: fastboot oem get_unlock_data

11 Now you’ll be able to see the unlock data a kinda string. You need to copy this data/string to go ahead with further steps. To copy the string right-click in the command window and choose mark.
Resorting to your mouse, select the full string and then right-click and select copy.

12 Now open any text editor, even the basic Notepad will do. Paste the unlock code you copied in Command Prompt and remove all the spaces between the characters.

13 Now copy the string from the Notepad.

14 Now, jump to Motorola’s official bootloader unlocking website and proceed with next button.

15 Now sign in with your Motorola Account. If you don’t have one you need to create a new account.

16 Now you’ll see an empty field box, paste the string or the unlock code you copied in notepad in the field labelled as 6. And click on blue button that says Can my device be unlocked?

17 Select the radio button that says I Agree and hop on Request unlock key button.

18 You will receive the unlock code on your email that’s registered with the Motorola Account.

19 You’re almost there! Check your inbox for email from Motorola about the unlock code. Copy the unlock code you received in your mailbox.

20 Now open up command prompt and type the following command carefully: “fastboot oem unlock” (paste the unlock code).

21 You’ll see that your Motorola Device is caring out some code processes. Your device will reboot automatically.

22 A warning message verifies that you’ve successfully unlocked your Motorola Smartphone’s bootloader.

So geeks, did you unlocked your Motorola smartphones? Any problems you incurred during unlocking the bootloader? And Remember, ‘sharing is contagious’, so spread the love with this tutorial by using the social buttons below. Let me know in the comments below.

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