Google played a well-planned trick to improves its popularity in India. Google collaborated with some low to mid range smartphone making companies make some budget devices exclusively for Indian smartphone market which they call it “Android one.” Google released about ten smartphones under this project. These Android one smartphone are the one with good specs and hardware in less than ten thousand INR, which is a huge deal in India cause everyone in India needs an Android device for at least one cause. That is why Google is doing this to Indian smartphone market.

Android One smartphones come with real hardware and specs (not so good looks). These smartphones come with the latest Android OS with the promise of guaranteed update to the latest firmware which will release. You can also say these smartphones “Nexus of middle-class Indians.” These smartphones will get the stock Android OS, whichever is latest, no UI changes or any extra feature. However, you can always get some extra features on these smartphones by rooting them or install any custom recovery on them, and for that I have a tool made by some developer on XDA developers for all the smartphones comes with Android One.


This tool can do all the custom actions that you can do with any other Android devices like rooting, unlocking the bootloader, installing custom recovery and installing custom ROM. Before using this tool on your device, please read the points to remember.

Points To Remember:

  • Try this tool at your risk because Rooting or customizing your device with a third party tool may lead in violation of the device’s warranty.
  • You may lose your data during the process, so it is better to make a backup of your critical data first.
  • Before connecting your phone to this tool first, enable USB debugging on your device.

How To Use the rooting tool:

  1. Download the universal tool from here.
  2. Open it on your PC and launch the .exe file.
  3. Connect your phone to your PC.
  4. Select the option you want from the menu and see the magic.
  5. Enjoy the magic show.
  6. All the queries must be done in the comment section below.


In conclusion, that is everything you need to root, install a custom recovery and unlock the Android One bootloader by using a helpful toolkit. All of the buttons from the Toolkit user interface are very easy to see. Just remember that you need to unlock the bootloader by pressing the appropriate button for that before you can think about installing a custom recovery. Moreover, the same rules will apply when you do these kinds of customizations in comparison to when you do them anywhere else which is you can likely expect any warranty you did have to be now completely void. Conversely, you can unroot and remove all customizations, and the warranty should start working again since the Android One range of smartphones do not come with any additional security measures to identify how many times you have flashed the phones.

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