If you are rocking a rooted Doogee F5, then you should definitely get the CyanogenRecovery installed on it as doing so will let you enjoy a custom recovery on your phone that allows many tasks to be done on your phone.

Here’s how you can go about installing the aforesaid recovery on your Doogee F5 phone:

Files You Need

  1. Your phone must be rooted before you can do this tutorial. If you have not rooted your phone yet, please do so now using our how to root the Doogee F5 tutorial. When that is done, return here and continue.
  2. You should have a Windows running computer in order to do this tutorial.
  3. You should have Flashing drivers installed on your Windows computer.
  4. Download SP Flash Tool and Scatter file to your computer. You will use them to flash the recovery on your phone.
  5. Download CyanogenRecovery Image to your computer. It is the recovery image that will be flashed on your phone.
  6. You should only try this on a Doogee F5 phone.

Installing CyanogenRecovery on the Doogee F5

  1. Extract files from both CyanogenRecovery and SP Flash Tool over to your computer by right-clicking on each of them and selecting Extract here.
  2. Double-click on SP Flash Tool setup file and install the tool on your computer.
  3. Turn off your phone completely.
  4. Plug in your phone to your computer while it is turned off using a suitable USB cable. Your phone must be turned off when you connect it to your computer as that is a requirement for it to be flashed using SP Flash Tool.
  5. Now double-click on the device drivers that you have downloaded and they will be installed on your computer.
  6. Double-click on SP Flash Tool and it should launch.
  7. When the SP Flash Tool launches, click on the option that says Scatter-loading and choose the Scatter file that you have downloaded to your computer.
  8. You should see a long list of elements that will be flashed on your phone. Uncheck them all except for RECOVERY.
  9. Double-click on that RECOVERY option and choose the CyanogenRecovery Image that exists on your computer.
  10. Click on the Download button in the tool.
  11. Unplug your phone from your computer.
  12. Plug your phone back in to your computer and the tool should begin flashing recovery on it.
  13. Wait for the tool to flash the recovery on your phone.
  14. As soon as the tool’s done flashing recovery on your phone, it should show you a success message.
  15. You can now unplug your phone from your computer.
  16. You are all set!

CyangenRecovery was successfully installed on your Doogee F5 and you can reboot into the same using our guide that teaches you how to enter Recovery Mode on the Doogee F5 smartphone.

While you may already be using a recovery on your phone, this new recovery brings a number of new options for you to try out on your phone. So go ahead and give each of these features a try to see what works the best for you. Don’t forget to let us know what feature you liked the most in the recovery!

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