CWM and TWRP both the recoveries are available for the Huawei Y550 and this tutorial of ours teaches how you can flash the former one (CWM) on your phone.

While you had to issue commands from Fastboot to flash TWRP on your phone, installation of CWM does not require any commands to be issued. All you need to do is just launch a file and it will do the rest of the job for you.

CWM for Huawei Y550

Here’s how:

Files You Need

  1. You must have unlocked the bootloader on your phone before you can install a custom recovery on it. If you have not done so yet, please do so now by following the instructions given on this page.
  2. This should flash ClockworkdMod (CWM) Recovery on your phone. TWRP fans should go here.
  3. You must have a Windows running computer in order to do this tutorial as the recovery flasher is Windows only.
  4. You should have Universal ADB drivers installed on your Windows computer. Install them if they are not already.
  5. Download CWM Recovery Flasher to your computer. It is the flasher that will flash the recovery on your phone.
  6. You should only try this on a Huawei Y550 phone.

Installing CWM Recovery on the Huawei Y550

  1. Unzip files from CWM Recovery Flasher over to your computer by right-clicking on it and selecting Extract here. That should make the files available for your use.
  2. Turn off your phone completely.
  3. Turn your phone back on in Fastboot mode so that a custom recovery can be flashed on it. To do that, hold down Volume DOWN and Power buttons together for a few seconds.
  4. Your phone should boot up in Fastboot mode.
  5. When your phone is in Fastboot mode, plug it in to your computer using a suitable USB cable.
  6. Now double-click on the file named install-windows.bat that you extracted from the recovery archive and it will launch.
  7. It should start to flash the recovery on your phone.
  8. Wait for it to flash the recovery on your phone.
  9. When the recovery flasher’s done flashing recovery, your phone should automatically reboot.
  10. You are all done!

CWM Recovery was successfully installed on your Huawei Y550 and you can reboot into the same using the Volume UP and Power key combination, or you can use the Quick Boot app from the Google Play store.

Now that you have CWM custom recovery on your phone, go ahead and follow our how to root the Huawei Y550 tutorial and root your phone. Root is the real fun and it allows you to load tons of root-requiring apps on your phone, which means you get more options to customize your phone.

Root combined with a custom recovery allows you to replace the stock ROM on your phone with a custom one, flash custom kernels, change boot animations, edit build.prop file and pretend to be other phone, and so on. There are thousands of tweaks you can apply to your phone when you are rooted and have a custom recovery. You are lucky as you have got both of these running on your phone.

So, go ahead and explore all the possible customization opportunities for your phone. You will be amazed to see how many things you were missing out on so far!

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