TWRP custom recovery is now available for the XOLO A500S and if you happen to own this phone, here’s how you can install this recovery on your phone.

There are many features that you are going to add to your phone by installing this custom recovery. So go ahead, flash the recovery, read the last couple of paragraphs to know what you can do with the recovery, and lastly – have fun.

Here you go:

Files You Need

  1. You must have rooted your phone before doing this tutorial as this tutorial uses an app that requires root-access. If you have not rooted your phone yet, do so now using our how to root the XOLO A500S tutorial. When you have done that, return here and continue.
  2. This should flash a custom recovery called TWRP on your XOLO A500S.
  3. Download TWRP Recovery Image to your computer. It will be flashed to your phone.
  4. You should only try this on a XOLO A500S phone.

Installing a Custom Recovery on the XOLO A500S

  1. Plug in your phone to your computer using a suitable USB cable and make sure your phone can receive files from your computer.
  2. Copy TWRP Recovery Image from your computer over to the internal storage on your phone. Place the file in the root directory so it is easily accessible.
  3. When TWRP Recovery is copied, unplug your phone from your computer.
  4. Head over to the Google Play store and download and install Mobileuncle MTK Tools app on your phone.
  5. When the app’s installed, open it from your app drawer.
  6. In the app menu, tap the option that says Recovery update.
  7. Navigate to your internal storage and select the TWRP Recovery Image to be flashed on your phone.
  8. Confirm the prompt to flash the recovery on your phone.
  9. Wait for the app to flash the recovery on your phone. Should not take too long.
  10. When the app’s done flashing the recovery, reboot your phone.
  11. You are all set!

TWRP Recovery has been successfully installed on your XOLO A500S and you can reboot into the same using the Quick Boot app that can be obtained for free from the Google Play store.

Now that you have both root access and a custom recovery, you are all set to load your phone with your favourite root-requiring apps and custom ROMs. As you first gained root and then went on to flash a recovery, you may have already enjoyed root apps so now it is time for you to get some custom ROMs running on your phone. So go ahead and hit up the XDA Forums, find a good ROM for your phone, and have it flashed using the newly installed TWRP recovery. But before you do that, make sure you fully backup your phone using the Backup option given in the recovery so that you are in the safe side – always!

A custom recovery is not just about flashing a custom ROM, but it brings with it some other useful features as well. Backing up the entire phone system being the biggie. Also, there are options to wipe cache, factory reset the phone, and so on. These options help you recover your phone from a bad condition and even when your phone is not turning on. That is why it is called recovery to help you recover your phone from a non-working condition.

So, go ahead, backup your ROM, flash a custom ROM, and let us know how that all worked for you!

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