Maybe you have a rooted XOLO Q800 and you wish to run a custom ROM on it? Maybe you want to take system-wide backup of your phone as you are going to take a plunge that could possibly hurt your phone? Either way, this guide should help you.

Whether you want to flash a custom ROM or want to take a full backup, you are going to need a custom recovery that has options for flashing custom files and backing up system images. Fortunately, such a custom recovery is available for your XOLO Q800 and the guide below teaches exactly how you can get it flashed on your phone.

Recovery for XOLO Q800

So, go ahead and get the custom recovery flashed on your phone and do whatever you have planned to do:

Files You Need

  1. You must have rooted your phone before doing this tutorial. If you have not done so yet, please do so now using our how to root the XOLO Q800 tutorial. When that is done, return here and continue.
  2. This lets you flash the custom recovery of your choice – either TWRP or CWM – on your XOLO Q800. So choose the one that you like.
  3. Download CWM or TWRP Recovery to your computer. It will later be copied to your phone for flashing.

Installing a Custom Recovery on the XOLO Q800

  1. Extract files from CWM or TWRP Recovery (custom recovery) over to your computer by right-clicking on the recovery archive and selecting Extract here.
  2. Ensure that the recovery image is named as recovery.img. If it is not, rename it by right-clicking on it and selecting the Rename option.
  3. Connect your phone to your computer using a compatible USB cable and ensure your phone can receive files from your computer.
  4. Copy recovery.img from your computer over to the internal storage on your phone. The file should be placed in the root directory of the storage.
  5. When recovery is copied, disconnect your phone from your computer.
  6. Head over to the Google Play store and download and install Mobileuncle MTK Tools app on your phone.
  7. When the app’s installed, launch it from your app drawer.
  8. Tap on Recovery update in the app to choose a recovery to be flashed on your phone.
  9. Choose recovery.img that you copied to your phone to be installed.
  10. Wait for the app to flash the recovery on your phone.
  11. When the app’s done flashing recovery, reboot your phone.
  12. You are all done!

A custom recovery was successfully flashed on your XOLO Q800 and you can use the Quick Boot app to reboot into the newly installed recovery mode.

Your phone is now equipped with both a custom recovery and root access for you to enjoy some of the amazing custom developments on your phone that include custom ROMs, custom kernels, custom animations, and so on. You can now just download any of these files for your phone, transfer it over to your phone, reboot into the recovery mode, and flash it away and you will be all set. That is all it takes to load a custom development on your phone.

Before you begin with flashing custom files, make sure you backup your phone system image so that you can restore it when things are not running well on your phone, for example, a custom ROM flash did not go well and your phone won’t turn on, etc.

After you have made a backup, feel free to load up your phone with your favourite customizations but stay safe and only choose the files from trusted sources or you will end-up bricking your phone. Enjoy!

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