When you think of hacking, suffice to say you envision the nimble fingers of an IT wiz ferociously tapping away on a keyboard while screens of HTML code flash across the screen. Facebook hacking is a common thought among millions of people the world over, but it’s wrong to believe that hacking a Facebook account is only reserved for those with a sound knowledge of the inner workers of a PC.

Anyone can use this easy method to hack a Facebook account. Whether you want to play a prank on your friend or check up on your significant other, all you need to do is follow the basic guide below to access your friends Facebook account in no time.

The hack is based on the password recovery feature that Facebook have incorporated into their security features which allow users to reset forgotten passwords by picking three trusted Facebook friends. It can be otherwise known as a Facebook login hack. Unfortunately, because it is such a major downfall on Facebook’s behalf, there is a good chance this method won’t be around for much longer. As soon as they cotton onto this flaw, I am positive it will be rectified. Please note that once you have hacked your friends Facebook account, the password will be reset, so they will be aware that someone has been playing around with it. This method is intended for fun only, and we ask that it is not used in any malleolus or undesired behavior. Read below to learn how to hack a Facebook Account.

Steps To Hack A Facebook Account Using Three Trusted Friends

Step 1. First, you will need to create three fake friends. Make up a fake Facebook account for each one and send a friend request from each of them to the victim’s friend who you want to hack the account. For the purpose of this exercise, we will call them ‘Mr. X’.

Step 2. Once ‘Mr. X’ has accepted all three friend request from your fake accounts you are ready to go.

Step 3. Go to Facebook’s log on-screen and click ‘Forgot Facebook Password.’ You will be presented with three different options of how to recovery access to your account under a‘Identify your account’ tab.

Step 4. In the first box marked ‘Enter your email or phone number,’ you need to put in the email address of ‘Mr. X’. In the third box marked ‘Enter your name and a friend’s name’ put in ‘Mr. X’s’ full username and underneath put your own full user name.

Step 5. In the bottom right-hand corner click on the ‘Search’ button.

Step 6. Assuming you have followed the above instructions accurately, you will be able to see ‘Mr. X’s’ profile picture and will now be presented with a box marked ‘Reset Your Password?’

Step 7. You will need to select the ‘No longer have access to this ‘ option just under the check box for email.

Step 8. A new box will appear marked ‘How Can We Reach You?’ with the possibility to set a new email address and confirmation. Type in an email address that you have access to but make sure it has never been used on Facebook. The best way to do it is to create a new email account simply. Once you have done this select ‘Submit.’

Step 9. The next box to appear, ‘Answer Your Security Question’ will ask you just that, if you happen to know the answers to these then answer them, if not simply enter an incorrect answer three times.

Step 10. Once you have given three incorrect answers the ‘Recover Your Account Through Friends’ option will appear. Select the ‘Continue’ button in the lower right-hand corner.

Step 11. You will now be able to enter the names of the three ‘fake friends’ that you made earlier pressing ‘Continue’ in-between each selection. As long as ‘Mr. X’ has accepted them and they are on his/her friend list you will be able to use them.

Step 12. Emails from Facebook containing security codes will be sent to the three ‘fake friends,’ just log into your fake accounts and write down the security codes from the Facebook emails in your inbox. If you can’t locate them, remember to check the ‘Spam’folder.

Step 13. Now log on to the email account which you entered in Step 8 and locate the ‘Password Reset’ email from Facebook. Follow the links in the email adding your security codes when asked and you will be able to reset ‘Mr. X’s’ password.

‘Mr. X’ will no longer have access to their account, so they will notice something fishy is going on. If you want to hack a Facebook account without your victim losing access, it would be better to use a different method such as Facebook Phishing.

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