Facebook has indeed become a part of our lives. There is no need to explain why and how it became so because you might have probably read a 1000 articles or blog posts explaining how a college project idea turned into one of the most visited places on the internet. Keeping that history apart, we are today dealing with a different type of Facebook History fact that is likely to be a matter of interest for users.

Well, you might have already experienced the rapid changing mindset of Facebook’s developers. Never do you see a post that is 2 or 3 days old again unless someone pokes it with a like or share to bring it back to your notifications. Moreover, Facebook was a big hit because it allows you to see what others are doing on their wall all the time rather than having a view of how your wall and its contents like shares, status updates, photos, etc. are doing. But once in a while, everyone feels like going through their old status messages or shares and thanks to Facebook’s increasingly psychic user interface and connectivity paradigms, this task of digging out your old activities on your wall is becoming a Herculean one.

But there are a couple of ways you can indeed bring out those old memories either by using Facebook’s uber sophisticated Timeline mechanisms or by just using some 3rd party applications. Let us examine a few methods.

Before you start searching for apps, try the Timeline feature of Facebook to see if it is of any help. Click on your profile name and open your public page that others get to see and in that you need to scroll to the time frame of a status update or activity you posted on your wall. If the activity was not too old like for example a few months old, then you can probably find the post after a few minutes of research.
Well if it did not help, then you can always try some 3rd party applications for helping you with the same. Here are two apps you can use:

My Status History

This app is indeed handy because after it has been given the permission to access your account, you will get a .csv file or more specifically a spreadsheet with all your status messages detailed one per line according to the time it was posted. What makes it more exciting to use is the fact that you get an actual offline copy of your Facebook Status messages.


This app lets you browse through your status updates in any time frame as well as the Facebook activity of any of your friends. It is kind of a browser for Facebook wherein you can search your posts with even keywords like part of your status update you remember. And that’s not all; you can even see how many likes and comments you got for each of your previous activity.

Memory is now often a luxury that many people can’t afford especially the busy working class and so if you want to read some old status updates or browse through some photos you shared long back, the above methods should be of help to you.

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