There are many sites available to send free text messages to any mobile. But, these sites put a link in the text message, so some people do not prefer to have this type of ad links in the text messages. Facebook is also providing Free Text Message service without any ad in the text message. You can send Unlimited Text messages to your friends from Facebook. To send free Text message to your friends on Facebook, follow the steps below.

Facebook messenger SMS

Steps to Send Free Text Messages using Facebook

Step 1: Open and go to your profile. There, at the above Facebook logo, you will see a messages icon. Click on it. See below screenshot.

Step 2: After clicking on the messages icon, you will see your recent messages, click on “Send a new message.” Your screen will look like this.

Step 3: Fill in your friend’s name, your message and tick the mobile mark box as above screenshot. Then, click on “Send” button. Your message will be sent to your recipient. That’s it!

Facebook messenger

You can send messages to only those friends who have verified their mobile numbers with Facebook. It is an excellent and useful service as because you do not have to visit any free SMS website to send SMS. Sometimes, these free SMS providers send you ads, to provide you free credit for sending SMS. By using Facebook SMS service, you will not get any Ad SMS and can send messages without using any third-party app.