The release of iOS 6 was all-in-all very successful except for one thing – Apple 3D maps. Apple went its own way and produced a very underwhelming result. All-be-it they say it will get better over time, still time is something not a lot of us have. Here’s a  solution to help you try to substitute Google maps back onto iOS.

Wall Mosberg confirmed that Google have launched a version of Google Street view for web-based things – meaning if using Safari, users will be able to explore locations using Google Street view on iPhone and iPad including iOS 6. It’s also a touch based app making it similar to the old native integrated maps in iOS.


Google didn’t manage to make Street View as a built-in UI feature so opening it is a bit of a pain but manageable  To use Google Street View you have to tap on the icon in a toolbar that comes up after choosing a location or a pin.

Even without it’s native integration Google Street View is still a great thing to have whilst users wait for a native Google maps app to come.