This is a really simple tutorial on how to erase iPhone Baseband as well as erase the iPhone bootloader which should go hand in hand. If you are looking how to erase iPhone baseband  Bootloader for a Jailbroken iPhone then you will be able to also use the following method.


Erasing the iPhone Baseband and Bootloader

Step 1. To erase iPhone baseband jump on your PC or Mac or any device with the internet for that matter and type  “” into the web browser of choice. Remember to take away the inverted commas of course. You will now be presented with a download button on that loaded page. The download button for Windows version of ZiPhone. Click on ZiPhone and follow the prompts to install it. Save the file to somewhere you will remember it like on your desktop. Once it’s finished downloading proceed to extract the file.

Step 2. Grab your USB cable for the iPhone and plug it into the computer. Important note: you must have iTunes closed. It may also be running in the background without you realizing so shut it down and sign out completely before continuing or else you risk it not working.  Now open and start the software. Click the tick box for iErase and Debug. This will now erase the baseband from your iPhone.

Step 3. Now we move onto the bootloader. if you wish not to do this part, you don;t have to at all. Catch you later alligator. Now we want to open Apple iTunes in order to erase the bootloader. Go ahead and do that now. Once open select iPhone found inside My Devices. Once done, now look for restore to Factory Settings option. It can be found in the middle of the interface window if you’re struggling to locate it.

Step 4. Click to have it restored. Make sure you wait until it is finished restoring completely. You will know it’s finished when it gives you a prompt. Or it may not, this is Apple we are talking about after all. generally things get deleted and finished without anyone suspecting a thing! Right? yeah, we all been there.

Step 5. Apple will now automatically start placing all of your files back on such as your music files etc. so allow it to do this also.

Step 6. Click on iPhone along the left hand side again and click eject. Yes, you must eject properly. It’s not just a myth. And that’s it, you have now learnt how to Erase iPhone baseband and Bootloader. Congratulations!

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