The web is full of digital contents, be it text content, images or videos. Sites like Google, Facebook, and YouTube provide you various features. Google offers search engine using which you can reach to millions of web pages. Facebook helps to connect with your friends, and the YouTube lets you share your videos on the web. All these features are free and easy to use.

Each of these sites has its design, layout, to make it look unique among other websites. Sometimes, you might have thought to make these sites according to your choice but couldn’t do it because these big companies aren’t going to apply what you’ve said. But now, it has become possible for you to change the style of such sites as per your choice without really messing up with the codes.

Stylish is a Firefox Add-on that allows you to Restyle the websites according to your needs. Stylish is a useful add-on which lets you easily change the theme of any site you visit often. By using Stylish, you can apply various kinds of themes to Google, Facebook and such other sites, and you are the only one who will enjoy that design. It makes some changes in the code of the site when you visit that site, so it displays that site entirely different from the original one.

Just like you use Greasemonkey, that enables you to perform such actions in your browser; Stylish works in the same way. Just install the Stylish Add-on for Firefox. After that, you will need to choose the theme of your choice from the online themes gallery located at It is a big gallery with plenty of themes. Those themes have been divided into categories so you can find your favorite themes more conveniently. When you visit the said site and download a theme, you will be prompted by Stylish whether you want to install the theme. Just confirm your answer and get the theme applied on your browser.

Download: Stylish Add-on for Firefox

This simple yet useful Add-on works only for Firefox browser, so you must require Firefox to be installed on your computer.

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