The Edge browser has been updated to version 95.0.1020.0. This update to the Dev channel was released on September 22, 2021.

Edge Dev 95.0.1020.0

The Microsoft Edge Dev team has announced that in Edge 95.0.1020.0, you will find a fix for window managers on Linux so they no longer crash the browser and improvements to the Edge PDF reader.

Microsoft Edge extension developers can sign in to Partner Center using GitHub to making publishing extensions for the Edge browser easier as add-ons.

Edge 95.0.1020.0 brings in several new features for PDFs. You can now annotate PDFs with freeform text. You can also restore a PDF to the same page it was on when it was closed.

Edge 95.0.1020.0 also allows you to annotate web captures with ink. There are also continued visual updates for the style of Windows 11.

Edge 95.0.1020.0 also brings other features that are not turned on by default. These features are related to management policies. They are as follows:

  • Added a policy to control if Intranet File Links are Enabled, which controls if file: URLs located on intranet pages will open File Explorer.
  • Enabled support for the policy from Chromium to control if Cross Origin Web Assembly Module Sharing is Enabled.
  • Enabled support for the policy from Chromium to control if the Display Capture Permissions Policy is Enabled.

For the full release notes, which also includes reliability and behavior improvements, click here: Dev channel update to 95.0.1020.0 – tech community at

The Edge browser will automatically update itself the next time you close the browser window. However, if your browser is open, you can head to Settings > Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge, and then the browser will automatically check for new updates and apply them.

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