One of the best parts about Android’s open source nature is the way it allows for lots of customizing. People love to do it, but at the same time there’s also a lot of people who get scared of making changes to the existing hardware. It’s written all over their faces, and they won’t go near it.

There is still lots of simple things that can be done by the normal person who doesn’t want to delve too deep into things like downloading some extra ringtones so that their handsets have a tune playing that they like. This is one of the simplest tweaks you can do and Zedge have been one of the biggest apps for users to get their hands on free ringtones wallpapers and gaming utilities.

Zedge Android


If you head over to the official Google Play store page you will soon see one of my favorite apps in the world, Bad land. That’s a wallpaper I’m going to install now because I feel like it and you can too. That’s the kind of simple pleasures Zedge produces for people.

This download we have here for you today is a new updated version that brings the number up to 4.0.5. It has always run well for people, but there’s also room for improvement and that’s what they have managed to create here. You can expect things to work for you even faster than before, plus a range of bug fixes. Some people may not have experienced any issues at all, in which case there is no real advantage there. However, we still recommend you to grab this new addition because sometimes it is an application bug, but the device owners don’t see it as that, and they think it’s to do with the device itself. The point I’m trying to make is that there may be some bugs that are there that you personally haven’t even identified.

Get the official Play Store link here.