Some of us like watching television more than the next person and while some people opt to stay away from the box, all together, there’s no doubt that for others it’s a part of their everyday life. If we try and combine this for an average person in the Western world, we all watch a few hours a day or thereabouts.

The first thing you will notice when viewing the app is a rather unusual UI that looks more like an old school I.T font more so than anything else. I honestly love it, however, I know people who also don’t. It is more of a look that isn’t likely to appeal to as broad a range as something safer would, and on top of that it really doesn’t suit iOS 7 all that much, but I don’t pick on that aspect like Apple do. Apple always wants the applications to look like they belong in IOS 7, but for me personally I like the variety and to keep unique and original looks or else I get sick of it and want a change. No matter what class you fall into, it’s not a huge deal. I still use this app and love it for what it is capable of doing and I have a feeling that you will too, even if it’s a different aspect of it that you don’t like compared to mine.

TV Files

So why would you want to use this app?

Because it lets you keep track of multiple programs and lets you know how long to go until they are aired. It will count down the days for the shows and even let you know about programs that haven’t started yet but might be coming soon. This way you can use it almost like a calendar and keep a note of how long is left in days, hours and minutes until a show is about to start. With this kind of planning there’s no reason to ever miss out on something that you might have forgotten about.

That’s the main gist of what it was made for, but it also gives users the chance to click on each up and coming show and preview them with a description. You can see the perfect example of that from the Breaking Bad screenshot on the right hand side.

Coming in at under $2 it’s good value for money, especially if you watch a lot of TV and don’t want to miss anything. Its existence might be a dying breed because looking into the future we will have the technological advancements to record most things and even rewind some television like we can now via cable subscriptions. Hopefully it manages to stand the test of time, and the developers continue to make sales from this brilliant idea. There’s no reason apps can’t continue to flourish if we keep using them.

Tv Files is updated to suit iOS 7 now, and it also comes with a few bug fixes and improvements. There was some issues with iCloud and backing up so the makers have come out to say that all people who have paid for the app will now have a fix in place. All they have to do is update it to this latest version, and it is fixed.