When it comes to doing things like blogging, you can never have too many apps that help you with your English. I didn’t use to use any and I quickly found out that I wasn’t as handy with my first language as I thought I was. It’s very easy to listen to people saying how much easier English is to learn than other languages, but don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re an English Literature professional with very little existing work, because chances are a program will pick up at least 10 grammatical errors in each post. When you multiply that across all of your posts, suddenly you have a website that has bad content all over the place.

WordBook acts as a thesaurus that will help with your pronunciation as much as it will anything else. There are differences in most apps and there’s a lot more to speaking English like it’s your native tongue than just picking up a dictionary. When we mix in slang, plus an upbringing that had influences on improper grammar, writing things down the wrong way becomes a common problem. Even myself, who thought I had a good grasp on the situation, have found at least a few words that I never would have guessed I had wrong. The correct way is something that looks incorrect, but knowing that it’s the app helping me out, I’m not going to doubt it.

My Word Book

The WordBook developers were very fast in updating their application to better suit iOS 7 and it has been “iOS 7 ready” for over three months now. The latest version is 4.5.1, so as you can tell by the numbers, it isn’t a new app. For what it is though, it hasn’t yet built up the user base that it deserves, and it would be good to see it flourish more. The program is an expert in specific areas that many of us have a problem with without us even knowing, which makes it all the more difficult to get people to start using it because they aren’t aware that there is a problem there to begin with.

It’s available for all iOS products, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. All you need to do is be running IOS 5 or later and there isn’t a problem.

Download it from the iTunes store here.