When we browse across the internet, we often do it for a purpose. Sometimes it is just to see what’s happening and taking a glance at the football scores, but on many occasions it goes deeper than that. Sometimes we shop for things or come across valuable information to us, that by no fault of someone else, was very hard to find. These are some reasons about why you might want to use a Pinboard type experience that gives you a better, full-fledged app style bookmarking experience.

Pushpin is known as one of the better experiences out there that does a good job of allowing users to create a nice, well presented and easily understood bookmarking app. You can put things into their own categories, and each thing you want saved will then have options underneath it that represents what is done. For example, if one of the links also has a Facebook page or any other relevant source it is saved directly underneath and then you can also click those tags and go straight to the extra resources on top of the original main Pin that you made. It is put together so well, that’s it’s hard not to like what you see when you open it up. The hardest thing is thinking about taking the effort to do all of this pinning, because once you start you will wish you had started sooner.


Because it’s an iOS app, it needed an update to suit IOS 7 to meet Apple’s industry standards. The makers have completely changed the UI so that it does look good when being used with IOS 7, and there’s also a new feature or two to use. The most impressive of these is the double panel that is available for iPad users. With it you can use two different sides and indulge into a split screen experience.

If you are someone that doesn’t usually spend a lot of money on any individual apps, then you might want to check the price twice before purchasing this app. It comes in at just under $10 which is one of the more expensive application you will find anywhere. If a budget isn’t anything that you live by, and you have the money to splurge, then it’s definitely something that should impress you even with that kind of price to go along with it.

The developers have also integrated Swipe gestures. If you swipe to the left it will now bring up the edit option, and a simple gesture to the right will bring up the delete option. These are two of the more common things to do, so they have been given a type of quick access.

Download it from the iTunes store here.